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Always have, always are, always will ⸺ This is what I sing, all day long.
niki feat. Lily
As I pass away the night
Wrapped up in the moon’s light
I am taken by the reverberation
till I feel by my body no more
And the things that I was scared of
I no longer fear them because
All the light is shining so brightly now
Translation by ham / SirHamnet @YT


月の灯りが 僕を包んで
鳴り響く音カラダを 飲み込んでいく
もう恐れることを 感じないくらいの


First posted 10 years ago



明月的光華 將我籠罩 鳴動的聲響將軀體 緩緩吞沒 那奪目的光芒 令人連恐懼都不曾察覺 translated by gousaku